We here at NWBA have been in business since late 2014, we work in national and secondary schools in the Mayo and Connaught Area.

The North West Boxing Academy teaches students basic boxing skill and early movement development. NWBA is a place where students can learn basic boxing conditioning and co-ordination skills, along with early movement development skills and gain self esteem and experiences to enhance their early lives.

Our 6 week program brings students, with no boxing or exercise background, through a 40-45 minute class. The boxing programme is non-contact and the students gain understanding of the importance of safety and the discipline required.

The importance of safety and the discipline required. Anything shown to them in class MUST NOT be used anywhere else, if so pupils may be expelled from programme.

We have been involved with a number of schools in the Ballina and Mayo area, providing our program and the feedback from Principals and kids has been excellent. The course runs for a six week period and can be undertaken once or twice per week depending on schools preference.

Contact details Ciaran 086-0862542, Brian 085-7488240 or e-mail nwbababallina@gmail.com